Incorporating Intersectionality in Research About WOC & Reproduction – Kimala Price

Price, K. (2011). It’s not just about abortion: Incorporating intersectionality in research about women of color and reproduction. Women’s Health Issues, 21(3S), S55-S57. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2011.02.003

Price argues that intersectionality should be a more central component of the research process, or methodologic approach, rather than something applied at the last minute. “We need to think of intersectionality at every stage of the process when designing a research project” (S56).

Intersectionality is especially important in research projects on reproductive health. Price discusses the ways in which many women of color do not identity with mainstream “pro-choice” discourses or organizations. “…the choice rhetoric is almost meaningless to them” (S56). S56 includes a strong definition of reproductive justice vs “pro-choice.” We must contextualize these discourses with socio-cultural history and knowledge.

This article is useful for me as I look forward to research projects in the future, perhaps the dissertation, in which I will be identifying participants, constructing research and interview questions, etc. It is also a reminder to ensure the sources from which I am gaining my information are inclusive of people with varying identities, not just white women.